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On this page you will find many useful and not so affordable things, valuable for both IT and Vending professionals. Now content include various material: documents, technical literature, tools, software and facilities for both industries. Things are a great volume and are classified so there is almost nothing that you can't find. Since a 06/10/2013 all things are secure content in favour of ASDTech Systems LTD and can be downloaded and used only after buying a account for access to this section. For those who purchased the account we introducing new and very attractive service - CONTENT REQUEST - for specific content that you needed, but not available yet in the section. This may include various and very hot things - software, application, multimedia etc. starting from mobile phones stuff and come to "sensitive" special industrial and financial tools and apps. Here's a last added content in the section:

CF5xx/6xx Apps CF7xxx Apps CF8xxx Apps CF95xx Apps
CF5xx & 6xx AS Channelset CF7xxx KWD Channelset CF8xxx BAM Channelset CF95xx ARS Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx BG Channelset CF7xxx BAM Channelset CF8xxx CZK Channelset CF95xx BAM Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx EU Channelset CF7xxx BGN Channelset CF8xxx BGN Channelset CF95xx BGN Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx CH Channelset CF7xxx CZK Channelset CF8xxx EUR Channelset CF95xx CAD Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx CY Channelset CF7xxx EUR Channelset CF8xxx HRK Channelset CF95xx EUR Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx RU Channelset CF7xxx RON Channelset CF8xxx ILS Channelset CF95xx MKD Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx US Channelset CF7xxx UAH Channelset CF8xxx RON Channelset CF95xx RON Channelset
CF5xx & 6xx TR Channelset CF7xxx USD/CAD Chan CF8xxx RUB Channelset CF95xx RUB Channelset
CF5xx ZA (South Africa) Ch CF7xxx TRY Channelset CF8xxx USD Channelset CF95xx USD Channelset
CF6xx Restore Fact. Config CF7xxx TOP Module Fix CF8xxx TRY Channelset CF95xx TRY Channelset
CF6xx 4.06 Firmware CF7xxx 1.27 Firmware CF8xxx 1.11 Firmware CF6xxx 1.04 Firmware
MEI GEO Gravity GFLASH / RS232 Tester / billsets MEI SC 66/83 bill validator Docs / API's / billsets
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